Quiz 12: D Personality


A good answer should include the following. The Five Factor model of personality is a trait-based theory that suggests that people vary along five major variables: openness,conscientiousness,extroversion,agreeableness,and neuroticism.Each person will fall somewhere along the continuum for each of these variables;taken together,a good,predictive picture of their personality will emerge. - Openness * High scorer: creative,artistic,curious,imaginative,nonconforming * Low scorer: conventional,down-to-earth - Conscientiousness * High scorer: ambitious,organizes,reliable * Low scorer: unreliable,lazy,casual,spontaneous - Extraversion * High scorer: social,enjoy high levels of stimulation * Low scorer: reserved,enjoy low levels of stimulation - Agreeableness * High scorer: good-natured,trusting,supportive * Low scorer: rude,uncooperative,irritable,hostile,competitive - Neuroticism * High scorer: worried,insecure,anxiety-prone * Low scorer: tranquil,secure,emotionally stable

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