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Honor Code

Quizplus LLC. (“Quizplus”) is dedicated to providing students with an experience that combines motivation, accountability and learning personalization to help them study smarter and save money while maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment for them. The misuse of our platform for cheating or cutting corners on assignments or tests does not align with the values we set for our company and our community. At Quizplus, we work hard to uphold academic integrity and are continuously adding features designed to improve learning. By using Quizplus you agree to our Honour Code before studying using our platform, follow our Community Guidelines, and adhere to our Terms of Service.
Honor Code
Don't cheat or help others to cheat. Quizplus is meant for learning — published test or exam content or other confidential subject content should not be posted on Quizplus.
Additionally, it is your responsibility to be aware of and uphold your specific teacher or institution’s policies regarding posting or sharing subjects material online. Please review your class’ or school’s academic integrity policy before posting any content publicly on Quizplus.
Violating Quizplus’s Honour Code includes, not limited to:
  • Searching Quizplus for quizzes and answers in order to use them to cheat on an assignment
  • Using Quizplus on your mobile to copy answers during a test or a quiz.
  • Posting questions and answers of an exam you just sat and sharing them with others.
Finally, if your teacher or professor would object to you using Quizplus in a particular way, then you probably should not do it.

Honour Code Violations
If you have found test questions or answers on Quizplus that are in violation of this Honour Code, please contact our support team at support@quizplus.com and they will address the issue promptly.
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If you have any questions about these Terms of Service, please contact us at:
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Last updated: August 26th, 2021