Quiz 11: Managing Individual Differences and Behavior: Supervising People As People


True Explanation: Values are abstract ideals-global beliefs and feelings-that are directed toward all objects,people,events,or activities.

False Explanation: In self-serving bias,people tend to take more personal responsibility for success than for failure.Self-serving bias,for example,is when Europeans blamed Wall Street for the 2010 economic collapse in Greece.However,a Wall Street Journal article points out that a close look at Greece's finances "over the nearly 10 years since it adopted the euro shows that Greece was the principal author of its debt problems,and that fellow European governments repeatedly turned a blind eye to its flouting of rules." In fundamental attribution bias,people attribute another person's behavior to his or her personal characteristics rather than to situational factors.

True Explanation: Emotional stability is the extent to which people feel secure and unworried and how likely they are to experience negative emotions under pressure.People with low levels of emotional stability are prone to anxiety and tend to view the world negatively,whereas people with high levels tend to show better job performance.