Quiz 13: Groups and Teams: Increasing Cooperation,reducing Conflict


True Explanation: Communication is important,but so is consideration.Team members should know what times are appropriate to call one another (think time zones here)and what days (considering cultural,family,or work schedules)are off-limits.Make sure everyone is reachable during normal business hours,as via phone,e-mail,fax,or chat.

False Explanation: One suggestion for managing virtual workers is to meet regularly.Human contact still matters.If possible,launch the team with a face-to-face meeting.When possible,schedule periodic and regular meetings where all team members can discuss current projects and telecommuters can catch up on office gossip.

True Explanation: Twenty-five years ago,management philosopher Peter Drucker predicted that future organizations would not only be flatter and information-based but also organized around teamwork,and that has certainly come to pass.