Quiz 11: Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice


D Explanation: Statutory law is created through the enactment of laws by a legislative body.Common law is established by previous court decisions.Private law is concerned with relationships between individuals and includes tort law and contract law.Public law defines relationships between individuals and the government.This includes constitutional, administrative, and criminal law.

A Explanation: Common law helps maintain order in a society and assists in settling disputes.Common law is applied through the use of previous court cases and expands each time a judge makes a ruling.Contract law is a type of private law.Private law regulates relationships between individuals.Tort law is a specific type of private law.

B Explanation: Constitutional law would affect nursing because it contains patients' and nurses' rights and responsibilities.Administrative law would affect nursing because it involves the licensing and regulation of nursing practice.Contract law is a type of private law and determines employer-employee relationships.Tort law is a type of private law that is concerned with remedies for wrongs suffered because of the actions of one person on another person.