Quiz 5: Theories and Frameworks for Professional Nursing Practice


B Explanation: Whereas medicine focuses on the identification and treatment of disease, nursing focuses on the wholeness of human beings.All nursing theories conceptualize environment as a core concept, whether stated or implied.Although following physician-prescribed treatments is a component of nursing, nurses can also create their own care plans using both independent and dependent nursing activities.Systems theory is a part of many nursing theories but not all.

D Explanation: Across all three domains of nursing (education, practice, and research), theory remains a tool that serves to make meaningful connections among various bits of information collected.Theories and frameworks provide direction and guidance for structuring professional nursing practice, education, and research.This meaning then guides nursing action.Theory can guide data collection and implementation of nursing activities, but all situations need to be seen in their holistic and individualized entireties.Theory should drive nursing actions, just as nursing action should inform theory.Theories are not meant to be rigid and unyielding; in fact, theories help explain variations in patient situations, guide holistic nursing education, and can help formulate questions for research.

A Explanation: According to Fawcett (2005), a concept is "a word or phrase that summarizes ideas, observations, and experiences" .The concept is the basic building block of a theory.A construct is a working hypothesis or idea that is part of a bigger whole.A proposition is another name for theoretical statements.A theory is a statement or group of statements that describe, explain, or predict relationships among concepts.