Quiz 9: Think Like a Nurse: Essential Thinking Skills for Professional Nurses


C Explanation: Critical thinking in nursing is used to make sound clinical judgments and, after considering all plausible alternatives, to determine course of action most likely to be effective.Critical thinking aids the patient, whether that patient (client)is a person, a family, or a group.It is used to meet the patient's needs, not to compete with other health care professionals.Critical thinking may be used when theorists examine the components of a theory in progress, but this is not the primary goal.Judging the value of actions, or evaluation, is part of the critical thinking process, but this is not the goal.

C Explanation: The goals of critical thinking are unique to nursing, but the process can be applied to many disciplines and professions.Critical thinking is a skill requiring certain knowledge and practice.Although some people may be naturally better at it than others, all nurses can and should learn to use critical thinking in practice.The goals of critical thinking are unique to nursing, but the process can be applied to many disciplines and professions.All nurses need to use critical thinking skills in every position.

A Explanation: Looking across theories and definitions of critical thinking, they all have in common the ability to reflect on data and choose actions.Reflection also considers evaluating the result of the actions to determine whether they were effective.Although critiquing ideas and establishing goal-oriented care could be considered as part of a generalized statement of critical thinking, this is not broad enough without the reflection and evaluation.Critical thinking would most likely be used to create care paths derived from best-care literature, but this is not a generalized statement covering all definitions and theories of critical thinking.Critical thinking is used when engaging in the nursing process, but this is too narrow in focus to capture the essence of critical thinking definitions and theories.Critical thinking is not synonymous with the nursing process.