Quiz 4: Professional Nursing Roles


A Explanation: A total of 35.5% of Army nurses, 30% of Air Force nurses, and 36% of Navy nurses are men.All three branches allow men to serve as nurses.Opportunities for men in the military are not limited, as can be seen by the high percentage of men in nursing in the armed services.Although close to one third of all military nurses are men, only 9.6% of nurses in the civilian workforce are men.

C Explanation: Identity refers to an orientation toward something associated with a strong emotional attachment.Being a nurse is about executing a number of roles in service to health and health care that are intertwined with the identity, talents, and values of each individual.This identity provides substance and motivation for work, which leads to an emotional connection to the profession.The ability to articulate expected behaviors is not the definition of identity.Commitment does not necessarily reflect identity.Understanding history does not lead to identity.

D Explanation: Caring implies physical care, concern for the whole person, commitment to the common good, and outreach to vulnerable persons, according to the National League for Nursing.Caring involves devotion to the nurse's clients, as well as using science and expertise in the relationship.Caring is not easy to teach; it involves compassion and empathy and seeing appropriate emotions in the student in response to the patient's pain and suffering.The ability to demonstrate caring is-and should be-evaluated in clinical evaluations.