Quiz 2: The Teaching Profession


Answers should focus on the extent to which the issues and trends are resulting in a greater voice for teachers in matters of their profession.This could take the form of more influence on standards for teacher preparation and certification, a greater role in mediated entry, or an enhanced decision-making role in the operations of local schools and school districts.Regardless of the sphere of influence discussed, answers should reflect an understanding that gaining a greater say in educational matters provides teachers with a more professional role and helps education become more similar to professions such as law and medicine.

should focus on mediated entry as a systematic program of assistance for new teachers.Several aspects of mediated entry are explored in the chapter: professional development schools serve as an induction into the profession; some districts are matching probationary teachers with experienced teachers who provide feedback and assistance; mentor teachers (who receive release time or stipends) are assigned to work closely with new teachers; targeted expectations and training programs are developed specifically for new teachers.The major teacher unions and education reform groups support mediated entry.

The response should include at least three of the following: sense of public service, defined body of knowledge, specialized training, control over standards, decisions are made about sphere of work, acceptance of responsibility of performance standards, self-governing organization, professional organizations, code of ethics, and high prestige and economic standing.