Quiz 10: Culture, Socialization, and Education


The potential is there for technology to play a negative role by hindering school achievement, providing negative outlets for socialization, altering some basic value systems, encouraging social isolation, and providing mixed media messages.On a positive note, the technology movement also allows the opportunity to provide extended classroom experiences embracing the social networks, providing media rich sources of information and creating better experiences centered on social development.

Answers may include a range of responses to the problems, from limited school response to broad-based programs in the schools.Programs could focus on changes in the curriculum, instructional approaches, and teachers' attitudes and behaviors.Various counseling services or clinics could be established.Students should provide justification for the degree of involvement that they propose.

Answers will vary widely.Respondents should address points made by Jackson and Goodlad.Answers should address the issue of rewarding good behavior and lack of disruptiveness while granting students room for creativity, independent thought, and the exploration of new ideas and possibilities.Students might bring up individuals such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, entrepreneurs and innovators who stressed creativity and unorthodox manners of thinking as means of achieving success.