Quiz 12: Providing Equal Educational Opportunity


The plans identified could include the following: (a) alter attendance areas; (b) establish magnet schools; (c) bus students involuntarily to desegregated schools; (d) pair schools, bringing two schools in adjacent areas together in one larger zone; (e) provide voluntary transfer of city students to suburban schools; and (f) allow controlled choice.Advantages could be discussed from academic, social, economic, and other perspectives.

(1) You will be professionally and morally obligated to provide specific help to low-achieving students.(2) The need to accommodate students from a variety of ethnic groups, backgrounds, and languages reflecting the increasing racial and ethnic diversity.(3) You will be responsible for assisting with the increasing population of students who have special needs and aligning services for them.

The answer should convincingly include such arguments as inequitable spending on education with regard to blacks vs.whites, distances needed to be traveled to attend same-race schools, the fact that although labeled separate but equal, the quality of education at black schools was hardly equal in quality, and the argument that segregation deprived black students of their constitutional rights as American citizens. TT T