Quiz 8: Financing Public Education


Education, in accordance with the United States Constitution, has been seen as a state responsibility, so historically the role of the federal government has been very limited.The late 1950s through the 1970s saw an expansion of special programs targeted for specific purposes.After retrenchment in the 1980s, there were new efforts to coordinate programs nationwide, as is evidenced most recently in No Child Left Behind, which has specifically targeted student academic achievement, school accountability, and teacher quality.

The primary means of demonstrating accountability has been to report results (student test scores) and the costs associated with those results.Evaluation of teachers also has been a means of demonstrating accountability.Under NCLB, schools must demonstrate "adequate yearly progress" in student academic achievement using accepted achievement tests.School principals must notify parents if their child's teacher is not highly qualified.For schools that fail assessments, there is the threat of reconstitution or state takeover.

When property tax trends change and the value of the houses reduce, the economy takes a turn and can no longer support the per pupil ratio of dollars that must fund the building, student services, and staff.