Quiz 11: Social Class, Race, and School Achievement


High-school completion rates for blacks and Latinos are much lower than for whites.Dropout rates for each group may reach 40 to 60 percent in big cities.College enrollment for African Americans and Latinos is still relatively low.More details appear in the chapter.There may be many suggestions for how to deal with these problems.They may include hiring more minority teachers, modifying the curriculum and instructional techniques, expanding Title I programs, developing special academic assistance programs in high school, and sponsoring recruitment and assistance programs for college.

(1) Inappropriate curriculum and instruction; (2) Lack of previous success in school; (3) Ineffective fixation on low-level learning; (4) Difficulty of teaching conditions in working-class schools; (5) teacher perceptions of student inadequacy; (6) Ineffective homogeneous grouping; (7) service delivery problems.(8) Overly large classes; (9) Teacher preparation experience; (10) Negative peer pressure; (11) Differences in teacher and student backgrounds; and (12) Incompatibility between classroom expectations and students' behavioral patterns.