Quiz 3: World Roots of American Education


Answers could center on the perceived educational needs of the citizens during each of the time periods discussed in the chapter.There was a gradual shift from education for the elite to education for the masses.Similarly, the content in the schools changed to address varied needs.The development of vocational education is an example of this change.

The reasons for limitations should focus on the cultural view of women and citizens of lower socioeconomic status.Over time, the cultural view of these groups changed, thus creating subsequent changes in educational opportunities.The various types of schools in the chapter could be described in terms of the purpose of schooling, who could attend, and what the curriculum included.

Confucius' academy had the aim of educating officials for the imperial government.There were clear standards for admission and for a period of training before students became government officials.Students learned forms of polite and ethical behavior.A well-defined system of classroom management was established, as were proper relationships between student and teacher.Tradition and the concept of hierarchical relationships were emphasized.