Quiz 14: The Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice


Answers could include: -Criminal justice systems are based on controlling crime through the use of punishment. -A function of the system is to go before the courts, determine guilt (or not) and sentence (if guilty). -Sentencing is based on the notion of matching the sentence to the gravity of the crime. -Sentencing has various aims: retribution (pay back through proportional harm), restitution (compensation payment), deterrence (notion that fear of punishment deters offending), incapacitation (imprisonment, home detention, security bracelets) and rehabilitation (behaviour change through therapy).

Student responses should include: -Our sense of right and wrong has emerged from a universal understanding of justice -Based on an understanding of 'what applies to one should apply to all' (equality) OR 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' -Everyone should be equal before the law -Like cases should be treated alike.