Quiz 13: The Use of Force

Criminal Justice

They were designed to investigate police corruption and identify patterns of misconduct and deviance by police officers.Students should describe two of the following: white knights,honest officers who never step over the line between accepted and deviant behavior; straight shooters,honest police officers who overlook some misconduct committed by peers; grass eaters,police officers who accept small gifts and engage in minor acts of deviance but do not actively pursue opportunities for corruption; meat eater,police officers who actively seek out and plan opportunities to exploit their position for personal gain; and rogue,a seriously deviant officer.

Police crime is an officer's use of official police powers to engage in criminal conduct; occupational deviance is behavior performed under the guise of police authority that does not conform to accepted standards of conduct; police corruption is the misuse of police authority for personal gain or organizational gift; and abuse of authority is a catchall category for various forms of inappropriate police conduct that do not necessarily amount to crime,deviance,or corruption.

Straightforward corruption is simply any form of misconduct that provides a direct financial benefit to the officer.An officer who is in cahoots with organized crime figures and receives money for looking the other way,for example.Examples will vary.