Quiz 8: Community Policing and Community Involvement

Criminal Justice

Students should list types of crimes that are characteristically committed in private places; in the heat of passion; and by intelligent,experienced criminals,including domestic violence and burglaries.

Students should list in order (but possibly using different wording): • Stabilize the accident scene,provide for life safety,and establish traffic control; establish a perimeter and evacuate the injured,if required.• Evaluate the situation and call for assistance.• Triage the injured,provide field treatment,and provide emergency care transportation.• Ensure safe and orderly traffic flow around and through the accident scene.• Provide for safety,accountability,and welfare of personnel.• Restore the roadway to normal operations.

Students should list the five goals.They should note that the final goal,"successfully presenting the case to the prosecutor," is furthered by any and all of the preceding goals,and that "apprehending suspects" and "recovering stolen property" may both be furthered by "obtaining information and evidence."