Quiz 11: Civil Liability and Accountability

Criminal Justice

A reasonable expectation of privacy means that people who speak or act in private can reasonably expect that what they say or do will not be seen or heard by someone else.For a Fourth Amendment search to occur,the government actor must also infringe on a person's reasonable expectation of privacy.

An arrest made in a public place does not require an arrest warrant,but does require probable cause; an arrest made in a private place usually requires a warrant,unless special circumstances exist.Assuming that an arrest warrant is required,it must conform to certain requirements.First,a neutral and detached magistrate must authorize the warrant.Second,a showing of probable cause must be made.Finally,the warrant should be sufficiently particular so as to minimize the possibility of arresting the wrong person.

It is permissible to dispense with the warrant requirement when it is likely that a suspect could escape or endanger others,even in the absence of hot pursuit.Evanescent evidence refers to evidence that is likely to disappear if the officers took the time to obtain a warrant.