Quiz 3: Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Organizations

Criminal Justice

Students should note that by attempting to create a favorable image,a wide range of unfavorable information may be suppressed or downplayed,just as the media may suppress or downplay information that does not seem calculated to be riveting for viewers.Student examples should effectively compare inaccurate and incomplete presentations by both parties with realistic (though not necessarily real)examples.

Students should point out that to be successful,law enforcement administrators may feel compelled to "play politics." This may result in their making choices to obtain favor and avoid offense rather than do what is best for their departments.If they do not do these things,they run a greater risk of being fired.

The police officers start the process by finding suspected criminals and filing a report or contacting the prosecutor.The prosecutor takes the next step when they decide to bring charges against the suspect.Prosecutors and police officers contribute to investigation to build the case,which the prosecutor presents,often using the evidence of arresting and investigating officers.