Quiz 14: Periodontics


B People with diabetes require physician monitoring and HbA 1c testing (also known asA1c testing ) four times a year; HbA 1c levels above 7.0 suggest a need for better metabolic control; the client apparently is unaware that his blood pressure reading exceeds the normal range, and that hypertension can be related to poorly controlled diabetes. For all of these reasons, a physician referral is indicated.

C Chronic periodontitis would be the preliminary diagnosis on the basis of the generalized attachment loss and inflammation, the diabetes as a factor affecting host response, the client ' s age, and the generalized bacterial plaque biofilm and calculus deposits.

C The first statement is true , but the second statement is false. Gingival recession requires evaluation by a dentist or periodontist for possible need for surgical correction when inadequate attached gingiva or a mucogingival problem exists. Periodontal plastic surgery or mucogingival surgery would be required for this condition; a gingiv ectomy is indicated for removal or excision of excess tissue, for example, medication-induced gingival overgrowth .