[Solved] 5390

Question 139
Multiple Choice

5390. Pizazz manufactures a 5.0 oz. energy drink of the same name. Because the cans are so small, consumers are concerned that they are not receiving the full 5 ounces in each can. A quality engineer at the company is charged with analyzing the filling process and ensuring accurate readings. On 15 different occasions over the past month, she has taken a sample of 6energy drinks off the production line and recorded their weight. If the sum of the sample means is 80.20 ounces and the sum of the sample ranges is 12.68 ounces, the UCL for an X-bar chart of this process would beConsider a production process for a 5.0 oz. energy drink. A quality engineer has taken 15 samples each containing 6 energy drinks. The sum of the average of the energy drinks in the 15 samples is 80.20. The sum of the ranges of the energy drinks in the 15 samples is 12.68. The UCL for the control chart reporting variability between the sample means is

A) 5.00
B) 5.35
C) 5.76
D) 6.45

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