Leapfrog Airways Provides Passenger Service for Indianapolis,baltimore,memphis,austin,and Tampa

Question 39

LeapFrog Airways provides passenger service for Indianapolis,Baltimore,Memphis,Austin,and Tampa.LeapFrog has two WB828 airplanes,one based in Indianapolis and the other in Baltimore.Each morning,the Indianapolis-based plane flies to Austin with a stopover in Memphis,and the Baltimore-based plane flies to Tampa with a stopover in Memphis.Both planes have a coach section with a 120-seat capacity.​ LeapFrog uses two fare classes: a discount-fare D class and a full-fare F class.LeapFrog's products,each referred to as an origin-destination-itinerary fare (ODIF),are listed below with their fares and forecasted demand.​ img ​ Develop a linear programming model for LeapFrog's problem situation and determine how many seats LeapFrog should allocate to each ODIF.​