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At a Water Bottling Facility, a Technician Is Testing a Bottle

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Multiple Choice
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Multiple Choice

At a water bottling facility, a technician is testing a bottle filling machine that is supposed to deliver 250 milliliters of water. The technician dispenses 50 samples of water and determines the volume of each sample. The 50 samples have a mean volume of xˉ=252.1 mL\bar { x } = 252.1 \mathrm {~mL} . The machine is out of calibration if the mean volume differs from 250 mL250 \mathrm {~mL} .
The technician wants to perform a hypothesis test to determine whether the machine is ou calibration. The standard deviation of the dispensed volume is known to be σ=6.4\sigma = 6.4 . Comy value of the test statistic.

A) 0.300.30
B) 2.322.32
C) 5.875.87
D) 0.330.33

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