Quiz 8: Juvenile Issues in Policing and Correctional Psychology



Possible rehabilitation programs that could be offered to juvenile offenders to reduce recidivism include: programs that attempt to keep juveniles in school and to control daytime crimes; offer alternative choices for youths; School Resource Officer SRO)programs to enforce truancy laws educate school officials and to build a trusting working relationship with parents and children; truancy interdiction programs to reduce the opportunities among elementary middle and high school students to get into trouble by informing parents to encourage their children to stay in school and is also geared toward counseling truant youths.Many of the juveniles could benefit from therapy or counseling from a mental health professional e.g.individual psychotherapy cognitive-behavioral therapy pharmacotherapy).Additionally juvenile offenders could be offered programs that concentrate on microinterventions in four areas: 1)biobehavioral; 2)psychosocial- emotional; 3)academic; and 4)family system support.