The Accounts with Their Respective Balances for Dom's Delivery Service

Question 102

The accounts with their respective balances for Dom's Delivery Service as of June 1 are given below.All accounts have normal balances. img Dom's had the following transactions during the month of June. a.Paid rent for June,$1,000 b.Dominic Goggin withdrew $4,500 from the business for personal use c.Performed services for $4,000 in cash d.Performed services for $22,750 on credit e.Received $12,000 from credit customers on account f.Paid the administrative assistant salary of $2,000 and delivery service messenger/driver salary of $3,000 for the month by check g.Paid the electric and phone bills by check for a total of $600 h.Paid creditors $6,000 on account i.Purchased $7,500 in supplies on account j.Paid $1,800 cash for advertising in the local newspaper in June Using the information above,set up T accounts and enter transactions a-j.Foot each account as of June 30,2016.Prepare a Trial Balance.