[Solved] A Bank Is Trying to Determine Which Model of Safe

Question 79
Multiple Choice

A bank is trying to determine which model of safe to install.The bank manager believes that each model is equally resistant to safe crackers but sets up a test to be sure.He hires nine safe experts to break into each of the models,timing each endeavor.The results (in seconds)are given next,paired by expert.Let D be the difference: Time to break Safe 1 minus Time to break Safe 2. img Which of the following hypotheses will determine if the two safes take,on average,the same amount of time to crack?

A) H0: µD ≤ 0,HA: µD >0
B) H0: µD ≥ 0,HA: µD <0
C) H0: µD ≠ 0,HA: µD =0
D) H0: µD = 0,HA: µD ≠0

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