Jo Is a Courier, Delivering Parcels Throughout the Metropolitan Area.

Question 13
Multiple Choice

Jo is a courier, delivering parcels throughout the metropolitan area. Although she considers herself law abiding, she often breaks the speed limit while making her deliveries. Which of the following statements does not reflect a likely response to the conflict between her attitude and her behavior? A) "It's not a problem that I speed a little bit; it's not much over the limit, and everyone else speeds some." B) "The speed limits are just too low around here; anyone driving at a reasonable speed will break them." C) "This speeding is irresponsible. From now on I am observing the speed limits." D) "I've got to drive fast sometimes, otherwise I will not make all my deliveries and I'll lose clients." E) "It's wrong to break even minor laws, but I'll probably keep speeding anyway."