Fran Has Just Completed and Scored the Lpc Questionnaire Given

Question 42
Multiple Choice

Fran has just completed and scored the LPC questionnaire given to her during an evaluation exercise. She is surprised when she finds out that she described her least preferred co-worker in relatively positive terms because she recalls being particularly annoyed by this difficult co-worker several times in the past. Based on your understanding of Fiedler's model, you explain to Fran that her LPC score makes sense within the model because ________. A) Fran tends to become very dominating when given ambiguous tasks B) Fran is usually much more focused on productivity than on developing relationships C) Fran tends in general to focus on building good relationships with the other employees D) Fran has a spotty work history and has tended to switch jobs every couple of years E) Fran is usually chosen for positions of high responsibility within your organization