The Pattern of Inheritance Can Be Predicted from Data If

Question 62
Multiple Choice

The pattern of inheritance can be predicted from data if one is given the parent or offspring genotypes or phenotypes. Two organisms, with genotypes BbDD and BBDd, are mated. Assuming independent assortment of the B/b and D/d genes, determine the genotypic ratios in offspring that would occur. A) 1/2 BBDD, 1/2 bbdd B) 1/4 BBDD, 1/4 BbDD, 1/4 BBDd, 1/4 BbDd C) 9/16 BBDD, 3/16 BbDD, 3/16 BBDd, 1/16 bbdd D) 1/4 BBDD, 1/2 BbDd, 1/4 bbdd