John Doe Is Employed with the It Department in Abel

Question 83
Multiple Choice

John Doe is employed with the IT department in Abel & Associates, which provides financial consultancy services to several wealthy investors. He is approached by an investor who offers attractive incentives for stealing some sensitive information regarding the investment patterns of one of the clients of the company. Which of the following statements best reflects John's thoughts if he is at the principled level of moral development? A) My job is to protect the information that this company deals in and I should not be violating my duties. B) By stealing from another person, I will be in violation of the moral standards I've come to expect of myself. C) If my involvement is detected, my friends and family would be humiliated by my actions. D) If I am convicted for this crime, I will surely be imprisoned and will probably never be employed anywhere else. E) My co-workers will not reveal that it was I who took the information because they feel the same as me.