The Speed Vehicles Traveled on a Local Road Was Recorded

Question 34
Multiple Choice

The speed vehicles traveled on a local road was recorded for one month.The speeds ranged from 48 km/h to 63 km/h with a mean speed of 57 km/h and a standard deviation of 6 km/h.The quartiles and median speeds were 51 km/h,60 km/h,and 54 km/h.Suppose increased patrols reduced speeds by 7%.Find the new mean and standard deviation.Express your answer in exact decimals. A)Mean: 53.01 km/h,SD: 5.58 km/h B)Mean: 53.01 km/h,SD: 6 km/h C)Mean: 60.99 km/h,SD: 6.42 km/h D)Mean: 3.99 km/h,SD: 0.42 km/h E)Mean: 60.99 km/h,SD: 6 km/h