In a Clinical Trial,780 Participants Suffering from High Blood Pressure

Question 36
Multiple Choice

In a clinical trial,780 participants suffering from high blood pressure were randomly assigned to one of three groups.Over a one-month period,the first group received a low dosage of an experimental drug,the second group received a high dosage of the drug,and the third group received a placebo.The diastolic blood pressure of each participant was measured at the beginning and at the end of the period and the change in blood pressure was recorded.The biggest decrease in blood pressure was for those who received the low dosage of the drug. A)Completely randomized over one factor (diastolic blood pressure),blocked by experimental drug B)Completely randomized over one factor (experimental drug) C)Blocked by experimental drug,blocked by diastolic blood pressure D)Completely randomized over one factor (experimental drug),blocked by diastolic blood pressure E)Completely randomized over two factors (experimental drug,diastolic blood pressure)