Harrell Company Uses a Predetermined Overhead Rate Based on Direct

Question 13
Multiple Choice

Harrell Company uses a predetermined overhead rate based on direct labour hours to apply manufacturing overhead to jobs.At the beginning of the year,the company estimated its total manufacturing overhead cost at $400,000 and its direct labour hours at 100,000 hours.The actual overhead cost incurred during the year was $350,000 and the actual direct labour hours incurred on jobs during the year was 90,000 hours.What would be the manufacturing overhead for the year? A) $10,000 underapplied. B) $10,000 overapplied. C) $50,000 underapplied. D) $50,000 overapplieD. Rate = $400,000/100,000 hrs.= $4/hr.Actual OH = $350,000 therefore overapplied by $10,000