The Transactions Listed Below Apply to Bates Company for Its

Question 126

The transactions listed below apply to Bates Company for its first year in business.Assume that all transactions involve the receipt or payment of cash. Transactions for the year 2015: 1)Issued common stock to investors for $25,000 cash. 2)Borrowed $18,000 from the local bank. 3)Provided services to customers for $28,000. 4)Paid expenses amounting to $21,400. 5)Purchased a plot of land costing $22,000. 6)Paid a dividend of $15,000 to its stockholders. 7)Repaid $12,000 of the loan listed in item 2. Required: (a)Fill in the headings to the accounting equation shown below. (b)Show the effects of the above transactions on the accounting equation.Precede the amount with a minus sign if the transaction reduces that section of the equation. img