[Solved] In One Well-Known Study on Empathy, Participants Had to Watch

Question 123
Multiple Choice

In one well-known study on empathy, participants had to watch a confederate ("Elaine")receive electric shocks. They were told either that they had to watch 10 full trials of shocks, or that they could leave after watching the first two trials only. They were also told that their values and interests were similar to those of the confederate (similar group), or that their values and interests were different from those of the confederate (dissimilar group). After the first two trials had been completed, participants were asked whether they would switch places with the confederate-she was apparently very upset by the shocks due to a negative childhood experience with electricity. The researchers found that, in the similar group, ____ agreed to switch places.

A)virtually everyone
B)virtually everyone in the 10-trial group but only some in the two-trial group
C)virtually everyone in the 10-trial group but virtually no one in the two-trial group
D)equal numbers of people (a little more than half)in both the two-trial group and the 10-trial group

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