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The Golden Comet Is a Hybrid Chicken That Is Prized 6.2eggs/6.2 \mathrm { eggs } /

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The Golden Comet is a hybrid chicken that is prized for its high egg production rate and gentle disposition. According to recent studies, the mean rate of egg production for 1-year-old Golden Comets is 5.9 eggs/week.
Sarah has 40 1-year-old hens that are fed exclusively on natural scratch feed: insects, seeds, and plants that the hens obtain as they range freely around the farm. Her hens exhibit a mean egg-laying rate of 6.2eggs/6.2 \mathrm { eggs } / day.
Sarah wants to determine whether the mean laying rate μ\mu for her hens is higher tha the mean rate for all Golden Comets. Assume the population standard deviation to be σ=1.2\sigma = 1.2 eggs/day.
i. State the appropriate null and alternate hypotheses.
ii. Compute the value of the test statistic.
iii. State a conclusion. Use the α=0.05\alpha = 0.05 level of significance. rate and gentle disposition. According to recent studies, the mean rate of egg

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