[Solved] Which of the Following Statements Concerning Sickle Cell Anemia Is

Question 16
Multiple Choice
Question 16

Which of the following statements concerning sickle cell anemia is FALSE?

A)Individuals with sickle cell anemia produce a mutant hemoglobin called sickle cell hemoglobin, so called due to the sickled appearance of the red blood cells that form in this condition.
B)Sickle cell hemoglobin differs from normal hemoglobin by only one amino acid residue.
C)Individuals who suffer from sickle cell anemia inherited two genes for sickle cell hemoglobin, one from each parent.
D)Individuals with sickle cell trait have inherited only one copy of the gene for sickle cell hemoglobin and one for normal hemoglobin.
E)The presence of sickle cell trait is related to an increase in resistance to diabetes.

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