[Solved] Why Must Dietary Triglycerides Be Processed Before Digestion Begins

Question 11
Multiple Choice
Question 11

Why must dietary triglycerides be processed before digestion begins?

A)Dietary triglycerides are large, hydrophobic molecules that must be emulsified by bile salts in order for lipases to be effective.
B)Dietary triglycerides are more stable and undergo hydrolysis more readily when they are bound to the surface of micelles.
C)Dietary triglycerides contain glycerol as part of their structure; glycerol is toxic to the cell and must first be removed.
D)Dietary triglycerides are acidic molecules that must be made basic for entry into the small intestine.
E)Dietary triglycerides are basic molecules that must be made acidic for entry into the small intestine.

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