[Solved] A and B Enter into a Lease Whereby a Is

Question 35
Multiple Choice

A and B enter into a lease whereby A is to lease a unit in a plaza from B to be used as a retail men's clothing store.When the lease is drawn up and signed,it simply says that A is leasing the unit as a store.A now takes the position that he can have any kind of store and decides to rent out videos and DVDs,just like the Video and DVD store already in the plaza.In this situation,

A)the court will attempt to resolve the ambiguity for A and B.
B)the court will look to the intention of A and B in entering into the lease.
C)the court will permit evidence that A intended to use the store as a retail men's clothing store and that B leased the unit to A on this basis.
D)the term store in the written lease is ambiguous.
E)all of the above

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