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An organization is preparing to negotiate a new contract with one of its major HR software
vendors. In anticipation of the contract talks starting, the HR team is mobilized. It includes the
director, a senior manager, and a staff specialist. Each contributes, using the Relationship
Management competency, to make the process as smooth as possible. The HR staff member
provides an initial point of contact with the software vendor representative and works to establish
a pleasant and professional relationship, honestly communicating the function’s needs and trying
to learn more about the vendor’s interests in this negotiation. The staff member prepares the HR
manager and director and takes steps to make meetings comfortable and productive.
The HR manager must negotiate a difficult conflict with the IT function. IT would prefer a different
vendor, but this other solution would not meet HR and employee needs. HR resolves the conflict
by creating a role for IT in all discussions, especially negotiation and post-contract
The HR director has played an important role in securing IT’s cooperation. She has met with and
persuaded the IT function leader to direct the function to collaborate in the vendor selection
process and support HR’s needs to the extent possible. The director has cultivated this
relationship carefully over the years, offering support for HR issues before it was even asked and
making sure that all of IT’s HR requests received prompt attention.
Being an HR professional, you are asked to write a business report including the following
1. Introduction / Overview about the Organisation
2. Where do you see the relationship management competency being used?
3. The rationale for laying the groundwork with the Vendor
4. Types of conflict resolution strategy, and justify the most appropriate for the situation
5. The important roles which the HR Director can play
6. Recommendations

4 days ago

Moosa Eamaan
HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
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