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Main Program:

Start/stop a Conveyors 1, 2, 3, and hopper, use SQO, make sure all material

is off loaded during stop and conveyors are started so that previous

conveyor does not dump residue on the next one when starting


subroutine Flashes Green and Red lights to indicate that each machine has

started. Lights flash for 10 seconds and subroutine switches off.

Subroutine flashes green light when stopping.

Indicating lights:

Red Light indicates device is running

Green Light indicates device gas stopped

Manual Auto selector:

Normally conveyors operate under Auto Mode, However under manual mode

conveyors can be jogged individually in the forward direction, under adverse

situations. Hopper in manual mode has to be able to be operated manually

When Auto mode is selected, then manual operation is bypassed.

Emergency Stop:

Last resort E/S halts all devices and all lights are Flashing, this action results in

material, on conveyors and will not be able to be restarted till dug out

2 days ago

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