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Tecumseh ultimately built alliances that stretched from Canada to Georgia, but from where did he launch this movement?

Juliette Adame

Tecumseh ultimately built alliances that stretched from Canada to Georgia, but from where did he launch this movement?

Juliette Adame

The article The End of Bureaucracy describes Haier’s design. You are to look at this design from the perspective of three topics we’ve covered to date: structure, power & politics, and organizational culture.
Format: Double spaced, type about the size of this one.
Length: Five to seven pages. This is just a guideline. You may deviate from it. By not too much on the low end.

Each is worth a third of the exercise grade.
1) Structure
Start with a discussion of Haier’s design from the perspective of the organizational structure lecture (limit yourself to the discussion of organizational types). This should be relatively easy because the article’s set up of discussion of Haier’s structure ties in nicely with the lecture. Explain your answers.
Follow-up with a discussion of Haier’s structure in terms of the issues raised and the recommendations provided in at least TWO of the other readings on organizational structure. Are the issues relevant? If they are: Does Haier’s design resolve them, make them worst, have no effect on them? Are the recommendations made incorporated into Haier’s design? If not, should they be? Explain your answers.
Note: You may include material on work groups/teams if you think it relevant.

Business Communications

Greg is a novice RPN who recently started practicing on a busy medical unit. Greg’s co-worker, Sang-ki, asks him to obtain signed consent for a blood transfusion from her client. Greg informs Sangki that he has no experience with blood transfusions and does not know much about them. Sang-ki tells Greg that he does not need to explain the procedure to the client; he only needs to witness the signature. Which is the correct response?

He is unable to inform the client of the risks and benefits of the procedure, hence should not witness consent

Greg may witness the signature; he only needs to ensure that it is the correct patient signing the document

Only a physician or nurse practitioner can explain and obtain consent for treatments, hence should not witness consent

Greg should witness the consent, but ensure that he documents his discomfort

Geetu Kumar
Research Methods and Statistics

You work for a healthcare organization. Attackers are exfiltrating user personal identification data from a critial server at the rate of 1GB per minute. The server also monitors and operates critical patient life saving equipment. You have the opportunity to capture forensic data that would definitely lead to the capture and successful prosecution of the perpetrators, but it would take an hour to image the server's hard drive or 30 minutes to migrate the server tasks to another server. If you shutdown the server to stop the attack, you jeopardize patient life and safety, and attacker's tools will wipe out all forensics evidence that would allow catching and prosecuting attackers. What should you do?

Tolya Chandler

In payback period method .the annual cash inflow means

Arfaat Damami
ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI FMA)

Which of the following best describes Pope Francis’s thoughts on environmental protection.

Bhanu P
Public Law

Why would it be beneficial for an interest group to open an office in Austin?

State law requires that all interest groups that want to set up a PAC must have an office in Austin.

The media only covers interest groups that are located in Austin.

Voters will take the group more seriously if they have an Austin address.

They can develop long-term relationships with lawmakers and continually present the views of the organization.

American History

Which early feminist theorist was central to the Women’s Chicago School?


The “Political Economy” practice by Harriet Martineau predated ______.


During the attenuation of the trp operon,which stem loop leads to polycistronic mRNA synthesis during tryptophan starvation?
A)1-3 (antitermination)stem loop
B)3-4 (termination)stem loop
C)1-2 (pause)stem loop
D)2-3 (antitermination)stem loop
E)2-4 (termination)stem loop
F)None of the above

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