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Frequently Asked Questions
Quizplus users can upload study materials to expand the Quizplus content and help our community access it. Uploading materials that get approved by Quizplus's team will reward users with credits that can be used to unlock quizzes and view their answers.
After uploading your study materials document, it will have a “Pending Approval” status, where it will go through the Quizplus approval process. After processing the document, you’ll be notified whether it was “Approved” or “Rejected”. Once your document is approved you will be rewarded with free unlock credits.
You will get 1 unlock for each “Approved” document and the minimum number of documents needed are 10 in order to have access to the 10 unlocks credit reward.

It could take up to two business days for documents to be reviewed by the Quizplus team and for the free unlocks to be credited to your Quizplus account in case your documents are approved. If your documents are not reviewed within two business days, you may contact our support team by sending an email to

10 Uploaded documents must be approved by the Quizplus team in order to receive free unlock credits.

Documents are usually rejected because they don’t meet the minimum approval requirements for, or an identical version of them already exists on Quizplus, or because they contain random and/or irrelevant content.

Quizplus main goal is to help students study smarter and more efficient, so documents that help our students achieve this goal are what we are looking for.

The minimum approval requirements for documents:

  • It must contain valuable content and it must be a full page or longer.
  • It must be in English.
  • It should not be copyrighted material e.g e-books.
  • It should have a descriptive and clear title.
  • It shouldn’t be scanned document(s).
  • It must be correctly classified as one of the following types:
    • Quiz / Test / Exam.
    • Questions and Answers related to college material.
    • Powerpoint slides related to college level.
    • Homework help and soft assignment.
    • Essay.
As a contributor to Quizplus, you’re representing that: (1) you own the copyrights of the materials to be uploaded or have express permission from the copyright owners to upload those materials; (2) your uploading of the materials you have selected will not violate any law, regulation, or ethics code; and (3) uploading the files will not violate Quizplus Terms and conditions.
The only accepted format is .pdf format. You received this error because you uploaded other types of documents like “Word Doc .doc”, “Excel .xls”... etc.
You’ll receive 10 unlocks for every 10 approved documents. These unlocks are valid for 30 days starting from the day of approving the tenth uploaded document and can be used to unlock any quiz on Quizplus and view its answers.