Q 35

Carol Zelner, the manager of a small event management company, is known for her efficiency. She provides the team with clearly defined tasks, guidelines, and directives. Further, she is always available to provide feedback or resolve troubles. Recently, with Carol on leave for about three weeks, the team had a lot of problems. The team members lacked the requisite information on client details, locations, and budgets and had to repeatedly cross-check with each other or the clients. Which of the following, if true, would best explain the problems faced by Carol's team currently? A) Members of Carol's team have a high degree of satisfaction with their role in the team's communication. B) Carol selects employees for her company by evaluating their personality traits to ensure that they fit well into the team-based environment of the company. C) Carol encourages all group members to actively communicate with each other. D) Carol's team primarily consists of individuals from low-context cultures. E) The communication in Carol's team follows the approach represented by a wheel network.

Multiple Choice