[Solved] Types of Communication Networks (Scenario

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Types of Communication Networks (Scenario) Rick Smith is a regional sales manager for a health care information technology firm called MediFax,based in Nashville,TN.Rick is responsible for overseeing 15 salespeople covering over 20 states spanning the mid-South to the Northeast.When the company was smaller and there were fewer salespeople,communication flowed freely from the field back into all areas of the home office-customer service,development,accounting and finance,and top management.However,as the company has grown,its structure has become more mechanistic.Communications to and from the field now flows according to the formal chain of command.As a result,the firm has been slower to recognize shifts in the market and respond to important market-based information delivered by the sales force.This has reduced the motivation of the sales team who are now reluctant to forward information to the home office because they perceive that it won't be acted upon anyway.The management has asked Rick to review this issue and provide recommendations for improving the situation. -Once the company grew and became more mechanistic,the management insisted that information flow vertically along the line of authority.This is most representative of the ________ communications network.


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