Marilyn Is the Department Head for a Large Call Center

Question 97
Multiple Choice

Marilyn is the department head for a large call center and is responsible for conducting quarterly performance evaluations on her employees. While a good portion of the evaluation is based on areas such as friendliness, punctuality, and customer ratings, roughly half of the appraisal is based on call volume and the conversion of callers to customers. An employee's evaluations are used to determine quarterly raises. Algemar and Nick both work for Marilyn. Marilyn feels that she is a mentor for Nick while she feels that she simply inherited Algemar from another department; thus, Marilyn sometimes strikes from Nick's call records customers who are extremely difficult or perhaps too set against buying the product. For the last quarter, Marilyn awarded Nick a raise while she did not award one to Algemar. Nick's accepting the raise based on his performance evaluation could best be described as ________. A) politicking B) unethical politicking C) identity management D) both A and C E) both B and C