A Nurse Is Preparing to Perform Venipuncture on a 6-Month-Old

Question 87
Multiple Choice

A nurse is preparing to perform venipuncture on a 6-month-old infant with anemia.The infant has had multiple specimens drawn over an extended hospitalization.The mother is very anxious and tells the nurse that she does not want any more blood drawn because it is too upsetting.Which response by the nurse is most appropriate? 1)"I am sure you think this is best for your child, but you are interfering with treatment by refusing this test." 2)"If you are sure you do not want the test done, I will call your health-care provider to get it cancelled.It is up to you." 3)"Your health-care provider ordered this test, so I am sure you want to have it done or your health-care provider will not be able to do what is best for your child." 4)"We all want what is best for your child.Tell me more about why you are upset now."