Q 128

The External Environment (Scenario) DigiTech Corporation is a manufacturer of handheld language translation devices. There are many forces in the external environment that influence DigiTech, and its managers are monitoring them closely. One factor is the upcoming federal election. If elected, the leading political candidate has promised to cut corporate taxes to help stimulate the economy. Another factor is the emergence of new competitors with products similar to DigiTech's best-selling model: the Speak-Easy. Advances in the processing speed of computer chips have shortened product development cycles and made it easier for new companies to enter the market. Unfortunately, the recent increase in competition has led to supplier shortages of key components such as microphones and micro-speakers and has left DigiTech scrambling to find new sources! -The politician's promise to lower corporate taxes could affect which factor in DigiTech's external environment? A) economic conditions B) political/legal conditions C) socio-cultural conditions D) technological conditions E) global conditions

Multiple Choice