[Solved] DrPrivacy,Inc

Question 256

Dr.Privacy,Inc.specializes in shredding office documents and destroying computer hard drives for various clients in the U.S.In June 2016,it enters into a contract with the U.S.government to properly discard computer hard drives.The contract specifies a fixed fee of $50,000 for the first 25,000 hard drives,and an additional $5,000 for each incremental 10,000 drives.The company estimates a 65% chance of handling 25,000 drives or fewer,30% chance of handling more than 25,000 drives but fewer than 35,000 drives,and 5% chance of handling more than 35,000 drives but fewer than 45,000 drives.
Required: Assuming that the company determines transaction price as the expected value of the consideration,what is Dr.Privacy's estimate of the transaction price for this contract?

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