A 57-Year-Old Female Complains of Fatigue,muscle Weakness,palpitations,nervousness,and Insomnia for the Last

Question 22
Multiple Choice

A 57-year-old female complains of fatigue,muscle weakness,palpitations,nervousness,and insomnia for the last few weeks.She thought she was just experiencing stress from her husband's recent stroke 1 month ago.There are no current medications.Past medical history includes cholecystecomy at age 45,D & C,age 50.On physical examination,the patient is afebrile,pulse 102,18 breaths/min,BP 156/ 98.Physical examination reveals tremulousness and quadriceps weakness bilaterally +4/5. Which of the following diagnostic tests is a priority in the work-up? A) ACTH challenge test B) TSH C) Atrial fibrillation D) Fasting blood glucose